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Jessica Medina (she/her)

Jessica joined Momma on July 28, 2022 live on Twitch to talk about what to do when a friend/family member needs therapy & the boundaries around therapizing loved ones

About Jessica

Jessica Medina (congrats on the wedding!) is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been a therapist for 2 years and graduated from Pepperdine University with her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She loves creating innovative & fun pop-culture based therapy interventions such as Roblox, Animal Crossing, and Inside Out. Jessica uses techniques like mindfulness, play, geek culture, and pop-culture to explore the chaos that can be everyday life. As a therapist her goals are not: try to fix people, give advice, tell someone what to do, assume what is best for someone, have all the answers, make the hard stuff go away. As a therapist, her goals are to: remind clients that they aren't broken, give someone room to access their own wisdom, support people in figuring out what to do, and work together on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with. She has extensive experience working with children/teens/adults, school-based counseling, trauma, anxiety, divorce, depression, OCD, grief, LGBTQIA+, alternative lifestyles, suicide ideation, self-harm, and healing from difficult family dynamics. Jessica also has experience creating curriculum for and facilitating an anxiety and survivors of sexual assault group.

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