What's this all about?

Holy wow that's a big ass picture of me. But it tracks. I'm a wine drinking, glitter loving, eyeliner wearing, cuss word saying mom and mental health advocate!

We're Building a Community in LOVE with Tacos Mental Health!

Every now and then I fall apart - don't we all?  

Tacos fall apart, and we still love them!  My favorite mug broke, and when I glued the handle back on it's STILL my favorite mug... 

I don't need to know your whole story to show you love and welcome you here, but I encourage you to come share as much as you are comfortable with our community and accept the love and support of people who've been through hell too.  It's an honor to have you - just as you are. No matter what you've gone through or where you've been, welcome home. 

Love, Momma

I'm a pretty open book, but here's an overview of my story in case you want to do some light reading!

I LOVE showing up for other people, including keynote speeches, guest appearances on podcasts, joining people for their youtube videos and being on panels!

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Things I get asked sometimes... 

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