Frequently asked questions

Is this a food blog?


So what is this place?

This is the home of the Even Tacos Fall Apart podcast / live show and the FoxFam community! Here you can find mental health related resources and connect with others in the community for a peer-support environment of AWESOMENESS.

We cover mature content and use adult language, so keep that in mind when you click through to a live stream. We talk about everything from sex to suicide to gaming to death planning positivity to domestic violence to relationships.

While my hope is that parents WILL talk to their kids about these and other sensitive topics, please recognize this is not a place for children to first hear about / learn more about some topics, and we don't hold back!

Can I be a guest on your show?

I would love to talk to you about that! Fill in the Podcast Booking Form and let's get planning!

Will YOU be a guest on my show or speaker at my event?

I'm always thrilled to be asked to share any part of my story with other creator's communities! Twitter is the best place to contact me, or fill out the Podcast Booking Form - there's a section for coordinating an appearance on another show!

Ok, but can I have taco recipes?

I actually have some super good taco recipes... visit the Contact page to find links to the community discord to ask about them and/or to my instagram page!

You shouldn't be talking about mental health, you're not a professional.

That's not a question. Also fuck you.

My true response is this:

No, I am not a mental health professional. I make that VERY clear every stream, post, conversation and response. I have disclaimers all over the damn place. There is 100% a job to be done that mental health professionals CANNOT do on their own, and that's being an advocate for people like me and you by talking more openly about mental illness, disabilities and wellbeing.

I talk to mental health professionals to get their insights on various diagnoses, therapeutic tools, coping methods and the projects they are passionate about. I also interview people completely separate from the provider community to bring you the stories of their mental health struggles and journeys, hoping something will resonate and encourage others to seek out the help and support they need.

How can I get involved?

I am truly honored that people want to help! If you are good at responding to people needing peer support (via live streams, text messaging or an online forum), video editing, moderating twitch live streams, data management, running giveaways and/or being a discord admin, and want to volunteer your time, please reach out via the Contact page!

For real though... no tacos?

Tacos are amazing. You are amazing.

Fine, click here.