Apps & Courses for Mental Health (alphabetical):

Here is a really nifty tool to help you find a mental health app related to a user-specified condition or treatment type: (you can filter by platform, audience and cost; you can sort by credibility, user experience, transparency and app name!)


Apple | GooglePlay - good app for when you're feeling anxious, various interactions for calming yourself


GooglePlay - encourages individuals to work in 30-minute increments and then break for 30 minutes


Apple | GooglePlay - mood, symptoms, sleep, energy and more tracker

Better Stop Suicide

GooglePlay - designed with psychological techniques to help people who are having suicidal thoughts by encouraging their minds to slow, calm down, and think rationally

C25K (Couch to 5K)

Apple | GooglePlay - designed for inexperienced runners who want to start with walking and gradually build up strength and stamina to run a 5k


Apple | GooglePlay - mindfulness app that provides guided meditations, breathing techniques, and calming exercises (paid app)

Calm Harm

GooglePlay - focuses on combating self harm, also good for generally coping with difficult emotions

Emergency Chat

GooglePlay - allows you to pre-program text to show in a meltdown; also allows users to hand their phone to a person and use the app to communicate over chat


Apple | GooglePlay - self care widget pet, helps you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time


Apple | GooglePlay - period tracker for those who menstruate allowing you to log any symptoms you experience (NOT recommended for use in the US since the overturning of Roe v Wade, do not use any apps that track your period data - unless you're someone who DOESN'T menstruate, then use it to skew the data like the chaos-bringer you are at heart)


Apple | GooglePlay - helps you stay off your phone by growing a plant, if you go on social media before it's done, the plant suffers (Flora is similar! Apple)

Fluid Simulation

GooglePlay - Full of mixing lights and colors you can move around the screen (Slime is similar! Apple | GooglePlay)

Fortune City

GooglePlay - expense tracking turned into a game using graphs to show how you spend your money

Google Earth

Apple (lol) | GooglePlay - helpful to prepare for a trip by looking at new places in advance of your visit

Google Keep

GooglePlay - add photos, notes, audio and lists with the ability to change the color of notes and lists

Grid Player

Apple - lots of different icons separated into categories that can be spoken aloud


GooglePlay - turn tasks into a game with an avatar, each time you complete something on your task list you level up


Apple | GooglePlay - games to boost your mood; choose the area you want to improve, including: coping with stress, fueling your career success, achieving mindfulness through meditation, conquering negative thoughts, building self-confidence (free AND paid options in the app)


GooglePlay - guided meditations to reduce stress, wind down and fall asleep; meditations from 3 to 20 minutes (paid app)

Heat Pad

Apple - Different sensory surfaces from heat pads to glow pads for different sensory needs

I Am Sober

Apple | GooglePlay - useful tool for quitting alcohol; encourages you to identify triggers, recognize patterns, and develop healthy habits to meet your goals and achieve sobriety; offers a withdrawal timeline so you can learn what to expect (free AND paid options in the app)

I Can't Wake Up

GooglePlay - alarm only shuts off after 8 completing math, memory, and order questions


Apple - simple deep breathing exercises; no clutter to distract or overwhelm you


Apple | GooglePlay - AAC app separated into categories and phrases that can be read aloud, uses cool images also


GooglePlay - mind map digitally

MindShift CBT

Apple | GooglePlay - anxiety relief using CBT tools to adjust thinking and behaviors; short meditations, thought journals, coping cards, and activities to face fears, change beliefs, and develop healthy habits

Molehill Mountain

GooglePlay - developed specifically for autistic people to help manage anxiety through different skills


Apple - over 200 activities designed to boost your mood and help change negative thinking (paid app)


GooglePlay - allows you to run multiple timers at once with each timer as a different color

Natural Reader

Apple | GooglePlay - upload required school reading in Word, PDF, e-book, or PowerPoint format, and the app will read it aloud


GooglePlay - designed to assist in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment by combining mindfulness and exposure-response techniques (paid app, but accepts over 30 types of insurance)


Apple - open-sourced typeface to increase text readability for dyslexic learners with  heavier weight at the bottom of the letters indicating direction

Quit That!

Apple - helps you track habits to quit smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, or even consuming caffeine

Recovery Record

Apple | GooglePlay - excellent tool for anyone recovering from an eating disorder


Apple | GooglePlay - strategies and resources that help people drink less alcohol or stop drinking (paid app)


Apple | GooglePlay - create set morning and evening routines with visual reminders and timers


GooglePlay - visual sensory soom providing a 360 degree view, you can move your phone around to see each element

Sensory Fidget Toys!

GooglePlay - Has nearly every fidget, sensory or anti-stress activity you can imagine, all in virtual form


Apple | GooglePlay - reads both paper and online documents aloud to you (paid app)


GooglePlay - phrases and icons you can press for it to read aloud (and predicts what you are going to tap over time!); designed for literate teens and adults unable to use their voice due to aphasia, nonverbal autism, stroke, or other speech and language disorders


Site Link - random timer that periodically reminds you to focus on your current goal

Suicide Safety Plan

Apple | GooglePlay - create a safety plan, including contacts, reasons to live and your coping strategies


GooglePlay - direct access to a mental health professional (paid app)

The Miracle Modus

GooglePlay - mathematically patterned rainbow lights appear, and bells chime to encourage a hypnotic state rather than an overstimulated state


Apple | GooglePlay - planner app that helps you with routines through visual schedules and reminders (paid app)

Tiny Decisions

GooglePlay - helps you make small, simple decisions, like what to have for dinner

Zombies, Run!

Apple | GooglePlay - ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure similar to C25K in that beginner runners start with walking to build strength and stamina and eventually run a 5k, but with ZOMBIES and base building