Even Tacos Fall Apart

(and we love them!)

Reducing the stigma around mental health  |  Providing informational resources & links

Interviews with ACTUAL MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS  |  Conversations where real people TALK ABOUT THE MESSY

Here is where you can find interviews with professional mental health providers AND conversations with REAL people who come on the show and get into the messy with Momma!

mature content

Click for links to some of our community's favorite mental health resources, including crisis hotlines. 

support for all!

I'm a pretty open book, but here's an overview AND some connection points if you want them!

I LOVE to hear from y'all - if you're not already connected to me on socials, discord, etc. click through to get my contact links. 

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Things I get asked sometimes... 


We tend to get a little sweary and rowdy in this family, if that's not your thing, that's totally fine! 

My streams DO have the "mature audience" tag, as do my videos. We talk about everything - from suicide and addiction to specific diagnoses and disabilities to death and sex positivity. That kind of content is not always appropriate for kids, though I hope their parents ARE having conversations about those topics with their kids at age appropriate stages! I'm real and raw on my live streams and shows, if cuss words bother you, feel free to utilize the resources here and follow me on Twitter (where I don't swear as much and do my best to keep it very positive).

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I'm ALWAYS interested in feedback - feel free to email me: mommafoxfire@gmail.com