Feeling down? 

Text mommafoxfire (all lowercase) to 512-647-2871 to receive encouragement via text from others in our community. 

Have some extra love to go around & want to support someone else? 

Text volunteer to 512-233-6959 to show love to folks who need it today!

This is run through HeartSupport, which is a non-profit  that helps people with depression, anxiety, addictions and more!

Mental Health Resources, Blogs, General Wellness Resources & Sites

General Sites / Resources / Blogs

Addiction / Alcoholism / Gambling

Anxiety / Panic Disorder/Attacks / OCD / Phobias

Depression / Bipolar Disorder / Other Mood Disorders

Disruptive Behavior and Dissocial Disorders

Eating Disorders / Body Dysmorphia

Neurodevelopmental Disorders / ADHD / Tourette Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder

Personality Disorders

Psychotic/Psychosis Disorders / Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective Disorder

PTSD / Trauma 

Meditation / Mindfulness