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Adam Parsons (he/him)

Adam joined Momma on August 15, 2022 live on Twitch to talk about his grief journey and how he started the mental health charity Up4MentalHealth

About Adam

Adam is a mental health streamer, facilitator & podcaster, known online as Up4thechallenge. He is currently studying within the field of mental health and counselling and has worked in the area of mental health facilitation for around 4 years, running university groups, writing on the field of mindfulness, hosting mental health podcasts and much more. He was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at the age of 9. At 15, he was prescribed anti-depressants, and, despite helping him to control the darker side of his thoughts, he found this impacted his greater cognitive function. He has since faced homelessness and severe bouts of depression, but the mental acuity he regained helped him through. In 2019, he lost his wife to brain cancer and that impacted him deeply, almost meaning that he followed behind her. A promise made to his wife to help raise money in her memory, combined with his own invisible battles and a desire to share his experiences and passion for better mental health care led him to create the mental health charity Up 4 Mental Health. His goal is for people to know they aren’t alone. In his spare time, Adam is a Martial Artist, marathon runner and addicted to education - always seeking knowledge and wanting to learn.

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Episode Summary

In this engaging podcast episode, I am joined by guest Adam Parsons. Together, we delve into a variety of topics surrounding mental health, stigma, and the imperative for transforming societal attitudes. As the creator of a mental health charity that seeks to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and provide valuable resources, Adam brings a unique and powerful perspective to the conversation.

Our discussion traverses through various themes, initially addressing the misconceptions and challenges that individuals with mental health struggles frequently encounter. A poignant and recurring theme emerges, shedding light on the notion of a ruling class elitism within society. This perspective suggests that those who are neurotypical believe they possess authority over mental health narratives, often marginalizing and silencing those with mental health issues. Our conversation dismantles the inaccurate notion that discussing topics like suicide or trigger warnings fosters harmful thoughts. Instead, we emphasize the importance of creating a safe space for individuals to share their experiences without judgment.

Adam also opens up about his grief journey after the loss of his wife. His vulnerability and authenticity underscore the significance of candid discussions about mental health. We challenge stereotypes and emphasize the need for open conversations.

We also address the impact of cultural norms and historical perspectives on mental health. We passionately critique how attitudes in British society (and American too!) have hindered open conversations about mental health for generations. This perspective perpetuates the suffering of many individuals and underlines the necessity for change.

Our discussion also touches on the concept of chosen families—those formed through conscious connections—and how they hold equal significance to biological families. We challenge the misconception that family relationships are inherently nurturing and emphasize the importance of setting boundaries with toxic family members for one's well-being.

Throughout this thought-provoking episode, Adam and I both champion the destigmatization of mental health struggles and advocate for a society that encourages open dialogue. Our candid reflections, combined with our dedication to reducing stigma, underscore the importance of collective action and education. I hope our message resonates with listeners, inspiring them to challenge preconceived notions, foster understanding and create a safe space for all to share their mental health journeys.