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Trisha Nguyen (she/her)

Trisha joined Momma on July 25, 2022 live on Twitch to talk about her experience Living w/ Hydrocephaly & Generational Trauma

About Trisha

Trisha Nguyen, aka neongummeh, bought a streaming setup and started her journey as a Twitch streamer 4 years ago with barely any family support aside from her boyfriend. Similar to myself - she says she is not the best at games but loves to have fun & laugh! She also has a small baking business & enjoys food blogging. She is a generational trauma survivor, a dreamer & a free spirit and is currently a double major student in school. She lives with hydrocephalus. Trisha is an only child & most of her friends have moved away. Her father is a Navy Veteran & domestic violence survivor and her grandpa was part of The People's Army of Vietnam. Although she has had experiences with being bullied, Trisha has never let herself forget that there is a dream within us no matter what happens in life.

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