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Carissa Lataillade (she/her)

Carissa joined Momma on September 5, 2022 to talk about Different Types of Couples Therapy

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Carissa Lataillade is a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist and a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She is passionate about empowering individuals and couples to be their best selves and to thrive. Areas of interest include depression, anxiety, stress, grief & bereavement, life transitions, race & cultural identity development, and relational issues. Carissa has an eclectic approach, utilizing various theoretical approaches, real-life experience, and authenticity to develop meaningful connections with clients.

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Episode Summary

In this episode of "Even Tacos Fall Apart," I engage in a candid and insightful conversation with Carissa Lataillade, a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT). The discussion delves into her personal journey, experiences in couples therapy and transition into becoming a therapist. 

The conversation begins with Carissa sharing her initial hesitation about becoming a therapist, as she struggled with societal expectations and her own doubts. She candidly admits that she had reservations about the field, but ultimately embraced it as a calling, recognizing the importance of mental health and therapy. 

Carissa shares her experiences in couples therapy and emphasizes that the therapist is not there to "save" a relationship. Instead, she sees herself as a guide, offering support and tools for couples to navigate their own path. The goal is to empower individuals to make decisions that align with their values and desires, rather than relying on the therapist to make decisions for them.

Throughout the conversation, Carissa emphasizes the significance of communication and compromise in relationships. She stresses the importance of finding a balance between personal time and time invested in a relationship or family. She also highlights the value of seeking support from friends and peers who can relate to one's experiences, especially during challenging times like divorce.

The episode also explores Carissa's journey to becoming a therapist, which she humorously describes as a winding road. From contemplating a career in law or accounting to discovering her passion for therapy, she shares her struggles and triumphs in pursuing her dream profession. She navigated the challenges of schooling and internships, especially during the pandemic, and eventually found herself becoming a better therapist as a result.

As a therapist, Carissa emphasizes the importance of self-care for mental health professionals. She acknowledges that therapy can be emotionally draining, and therapists must prioritize their own well-being to provide the best care for their clients. Carissa shares her personal experience with mental health care, advocating for therapists to seek support when needed and take time off when necessary.

Throughout the episode, Carissa's engaging and down-to-earth personality shines through, making her insights relatable and approachable. She shares stories from her own life, including struggles with procrastination and self-discovery, which further humanizes her as a therapist and person.

This episode offers a glimpse into the world of couples therapy and the journey of a therapist. Carissa's passion for her work is evident, and her insights provide valuable lessons for both professionals and individuals seeking to improve their relationships and mental well-being. From debunking misconceptions about therapy to emphasizing the importance of self-care, her wisdom and warmth make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in mental health, relationships or the path to becoming a therapist!