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Darryl Rossignol (he/him)

Darryl joined Momma on August 21, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

About Darryl

After being diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), Darryl began a ten year journey of trying to self-heal. At the end of those ten years, he still felt far away from where he wanted to be in terms of his mental health. At the same time, Darryl realized that he had ten years of experience that might benefit others that were just starting out with an OCPD diagnosis and who wanted to better themselves. This was the seed for the idea of a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring obsessive compulsive personality disorder. This YouTube channel (OCPD: My Life In Debris) eventually blossomed into a companion website. The last two years have been spent working towards expanding this small website into a full-fledged foundation. This fall will be the launch of the first ever international foundation dedicated to OCPD awareness with the goal of advancing research into this field.

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Episode Summary

MommaFoxFire engages in a compelling conversation with Darryl Rosignol, exploring the intricacies of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD). The episode delves into the distinct characteristics of OCPD, clarifying its differences from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Darryl provides valuable insights, emphasizing that OCPD involves perfectionism, rigidity, and an intense focus on rules and details.

The interview becomes deeply personal as Darryl shares his journey with OCPD. He opens up about the challenges he faced in relationships and the impact on his professional life, offering listeners a glimpse into the real-life struggles of individuals with this personality disorder. Darryl stresses the importance of recognizing OCPD's multifaceted impact on various aspects of life and the significance of seeking professional help.

The conversation takes an emotional turn as Darryl addresses the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly within the context of OCPD. He passionately advocates for destigmatizing mental health, sharing anecdotes about the prevalence of overdiagnosis and self-diagnosis. Darryl sheds light on the potential negative consequences of misdiagnosis, revealing the complexities within the mental health landscape.

Darryl's advice for individuals navigating relationships with those who have OCPD adds a practical dimension to the interview. He underscores the need for open communication, patience, and understanding, emphasizing the importance of compromise and preparation for conversations to foster better understanding.

The global perspective on mental health is also explored, with Darryl sharing a poignant story of someone in Pakistan facing the dilemma of seeking mental health support while fearing its impact on a custody battle. This highlights the real-world consequences of mental health stigma and the challenges faced by individuals seeking help in regions where discussions on mental health remain taboo.

As the interview progresses, Darryl shares a personal story about winning a poetry slam trophy. This anecdote injects humor into the discussion, showcasing the resilience and unexpected triumphs that can coexist with mental health struggles.

This episode provides a comprehensive understanding of OCPD, blending informative discussions with personal anecdotes. Listeners gain insights into the complexities of OCPD, the challenges faced by individuals, and the broader implications of mental health stigma. The interview advocates for destigmatizing mental health, encouraging open conversations, and fostering empathy and support in relationships affected by this personality disorder. Overall, the conversation delivers a nuanced exploration of OCPD that educates, informs, and encourages a more compassionate approach to mental health.