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Dr. Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate (he/him)

Dr. Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate joined Momma on September 20, 2021 for a live Q&A via Twitch to talk about Psychiatry, Mental Health & Geekdom

About Gian

Gian is a medical doctor, working towards Psychiatry Residency and working with children and adolescents population. He is an avid fan of all things geek but mostly video games and anime. Gian is also a content creator for Geek Therapy and cohost of two podcasts: “Here Comes a Thought” - A Steven Universe and Psychology podcast and “Otaku Ryoho”, Geek Therapy’s anime podcast.

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Episode Summary

Dive into an illuminating conversation on psychiatry, mental health, and geek culture—perfect for anyone seeking insight into the human mind and the intersection of passion and well-being!

Key Takeaways:

In this podcast episode of Even Tacos Fall Apart, MommaFoxFire hosted Dr. Gian Manuel Ramos Monserrate, delving into the intersection of psychiatry, mental health, and geekdom. Throughout the discussion, Gian shared insights from his experiences as a psychiatrist and researcher, offering valuable perspectives on holistic mental health care.

One of the key themes of the conversation was the importance of comprehensive care in addressing mental health issues. Gian emphasized the significance of integrating medication, therapy, and other forms of support to provide effective treatment for individuals struggling with mental illness. He highlighted the role of the hospital setting in fostering hope and fulfillment, particularly when working collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team.

The discussion also touched upon the impact of negative experiences with mental health providers, underscoring the need for compassionate and patient-centered care. Gian stressed the importance of involving parents and addressing family dynamics, particularly in the care of children and adolescents. He highlighted the role of the psychiatrist as an advocate for the child, guiding parents and strengthening family ties to support the child's well-being.

Gian shared insights into the therapeutic value of connecting with patients through their interests, such as gaming or anime, underscoring the power of personalized approaches to treatment. He emphasized the importance of building therapeutic relationships with patients, allowing for a deeper understanding of their symptoms and needs.

The conversation also explored the cultural and societal factors that influence stigma surrounding mental illness, with Gian highlighting differences between Puerto Rico and the US. He discussed the limited training that medical doctors receive in mental health care, contrasting it with the additional training that psychiatrists undergo in therapeutic modalities.

One of the most compelling aspects of the discussion was Gian's perspective on reframing the nature versus nurture debate in mental health. He emphasized the interconnectedness of biology and psychology, stressing that individuals have the potential for change and growth. Gian underscored the importance of empowering patients and challenging paternalistic models of medicine, advocating for patient narratives and autonomy in mental health care.

Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into the complexities of psychiatry, mental health, and geekdom. Through Gian's expertise and personal experiences, listeners gained a deeper understanding of the holistic approach to mental health care and the importance of patient-centered, culturally sensitive practices.