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Heroek (he/him)

Heroek joined Momma on January 23, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Producing Music, Mental Health & his own personal journey

About Heroek

Heroek is a young music producer and podcast host. After moving from Los Angeles to New York at 13 years old, he struggled with leaving behind almost everyone and everything he knew. But during this hard readjustment period, he found himself struggling with his own mental health, as well as seeing those around him work through their own problems. On top of all this, Heroek has also dealt with anxieties and insecurities about his appearance, as he suffers from severe eczema. Soon after moving, he found comfort in his favorite band’s then-recent album. It made him fall in love with the production side of music, and the connection that could exist between music and storytelling. He began making and posting mashups of some of his favorite songs, which turned into remixing songs, and finally Heroek now releases original music. On top of that, he also hosts his own podcast, “Hero’s Journey”. On the show, Heroek interviews mostly music artists, but anyone in the public eye to discuss how they got to the point they’re at in their career, and (often) the mental health connections behind that journey. Now, Heroek’s goal is to continue making music of his own, as well as with collaborators, that helps send a message of positivity and improving one’s mental health.

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