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"If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You Always Get What You’ve Always Gotten"

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Katy Andrews (she/her)

Katy Andrews joined Momma on September 4, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Procrastination vs Confidence & Self Belief

About Katy

Originally from the UK, now traveling remotely as “The Wandering Coach,” Katy Andrews has been traveling the world since 2022, living out her own goals whilst helping others live out theirs. Katy is an INFJ personality and therefore works very well with empaths, spiritualists and advocate type personalities as well as introverted personalities. 

Katy has had to deal with many challenges in her life such as toxic environments, adversity, difficult relationships, confidence, being overworked, self esteem, procrastination and more. Katy’s background is HR and Coaching and spent around a decade working in the Corporate industry and therefore understands a lot of business challenges in this industry. Katy has Coached employees and individuals through issues such as redundancies and other HR employment issues and has experience of stress management, procrastination, confidence building and action taking and goal setting. 

Katy has dealt with procrastination for around two decades. The most recent episode was after a controlling relationship where Katy lost her voice, confidence and overall self esteem. Taking imperfect action on her travel goals has allowed Katy to gain much more control over her procrastination and her life and it’s her life mission to help as many people as possible gain confidence, increase belief in themselves and take action towards goals. 

How Katy can help: Katy has created a three phase program named Procrastination to Power. Katy uses this as a framework alongside your bespoke needs and goals to propel you closer to what you want and further away from what you don’t want. If you need help with confidence, self esteem, reaching goals, taking action or procrastination then Katy can help as she has the knowledge and experience to help you push forward and get closer to your goals. 

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Episode Summary

In this episode of ETFA, MommaFoxFire engages in a deep and insightful conversation with Katy Andrews about Procrastination vs Confidence & Self Belief, shedding light on the intricate relationship between mental health struggles, self-confidence and overcoming procrastination.

The conversation begins with Katy sharing her personal journey, emphasizing the transformative power of traveling the world and putting herself first. She highlights the importance of self-reflection and understanding one's triggers to effectively manage procrastination, acknowledging that it is an ongoing process rather than a condition with a quick fix.

The hosts delve into the impact of societal expectations, particularly the toxic masculinity narrative, on men's mental health. They talk about the prevailing stigma that discourages men from expressing their emotions and seeking help, contributing to high suicide rates among men. Both MommaFoxFire and Katy passionately advocate for dismantling these stereotypes, encouraging everyone, men included, to embrace their feelings and challenge societal norms.

The conversation shifts towards practical strategies to tackle procrastination. They discuss the concept of using tools like the "Goblin Tools," emphasizing the effectiveness in breaking down tasks into manageable steps. Katy highlights the significance of setting achievable goals and tailoring strategies to individual needs, acknowledging that what works for one person may not work for another.

Throughout the episode, Katy emphasizes the value of self-care and shares her own methods for preventing procrastination. Reflecting on her journey and the positive impact she has experienced, she encourages listeners to challenge procrastination with evidence, affirmations and a focus on personal worthiness.

The hosts also touch upon the intersection of ADHD and procrastination, revealing that Katy is collaborating with an ADHD specialist coach to develop resources for individuals dealing with both challenges. They plan to launch a survey to gather insights and tailor their resources to the specific needs of those affected by ADHD and procrastination.

Overall, the episode navigates through the complex dynamics of procrastination, self-confidence and mental health, offering practical insights and personal anecdotes. MommaFoxFire and Katy Andrews create a warm and inclusive space where listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, challenge societal norms and embrace self-improvement. The episode serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating the intricate landscape of mental health, inspiring positive change and fostering a sense of community and understanding.