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RJ from Untapped Keg joined Momma on August 1, 2022 live on Twitch to talk about Sobriety and Mental Health

About RJ

RJ has been sober from alcohol and drugs for over 8 years. He shares his life experience around sobriety on his podcast, Untapped Keg, and also how mental health has improved his life plus its impacts on his sobriety. RJ hopes to create content that allows others to not feel alone on their journey in sobriety and mental health. For 8 years, he has been sharing his journey of sobriety and mental health. He enjoys being a father, video games, and playing baseball in his spare time. Also he fancies himself a pretty good cook. Just like momma, RJ is NOT a trained medical professional!

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Episode Summary

In this insightful podcast episode of "Even Tacos Fall Apart," MommaFoxFire engages in a candid conversation with RJ of Untapped Keg, delving into the complexities of sobriety and its intersection with mental health. The episode provides a raw and honest exploration of RJ's personal journey, offering valuable insights and reflections on the challenges and triumphs of maintaining sobriety while navigating mental health struggles.

The interview begins with RJ sharing the impact of the podcast on his life. He highlights the therapeutic nature of discussing mental health openly, emphasizing the importance of addressing the messier aspects of life. RJ attributes the podcast to helping him recognize areas for personal growth and fostering self-improvement.

The conversation transitions into RJ's experience with triggers, particularly in work-related settings. RJ candidly discusses the temptation he faced during social events involving alcohol and the camaraderie associated with drinking. He emphasizes the realization that everyone doesn't need alcohol to enjoy social interactions, advocating for alternatives like flavored water or soda to maintain a sense of connection without compromising or tempting anyone's sobriety.

RJ also discusses his journey with ADHD and medication. He shares the internal struggles and societal stigma associated with taking medication for mental health conditions. RJ talks about how understanding ADHD has allowed him to extend more grace to himself, acknowledging the importance of self-acceptance and recognizing the need for support in navigating daily challenges.

MommaFoxFire and RJ also talk about self-care and the acceptance of having off days. They both emphasize the significance of giving yourself grace during challenging times and the importance of acknowledging that not every day will be optimal. This perspective shift, shaped by his sobriety and mental health journey, has empowered RJ to embrace imperfections and maintain a more compassionate relationship with himself.

The discussion then turns towards the emergence of non-alcoholic alternatives, specifically mocktails. RJ passionately expresses his enthusiasm for the growing availability of non-alcoholic beverages, seeing them as a positive trend. He encourages individuals to embrace these alternatives, highlighting the importance of enjoying delicious drinks without the need for alcohol. The conversation reflects a nuanced perspective on how these alternatives can be part of a sober lifestyle without compromising your journey.

The interview takes a personal turn as RJ shares how his father, a non-alcoholic beer enthusiast, has embraced the sober lifestyle for nearly 30 years. RJ reflects on the diverse paths individuals can take to achieve and maintain sobriety, reinforcing the message that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach.

RJ emphasizes the value of building a supportive network, whether through group conversations or online communities. He highlights various resources, including AA, SMART Recovery, and other platforms, acknowledging the importance of finding what works best for each individual.

Overall, the podcast episode encapsulates a rich and multifaceted exploration of sobriety and mental health, anchored in RJ's personal experiences. The candid and open dialogue fosters understanding, reduces stigma, and provides a valuable resource for listeners navigating similar journeys.