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Sam Mitchell (he/him)

Sam joined Momma on January 29, 2024 live on Twitch & YouTube to talk about Autism & Embracing Who You Are

About Sam

Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation was started by 20-year-old Sam Mitchell, in October of 2019. It began with a simple interest in media when he was a junior in high school and has led to him becoming an entrepreneur by creating his own NonProfit and podcast, Autism Rocks and Rolls Corporation.

Sam is a high-functioning human being on the autism spectrum, but he has a mission: to show people that he is not broken, does not need to be fixed, there is no normal in this world, and he is successful, WITH autism. Sam wants to celebrate the successes of all. He embraces who he is and feels as though everyone should do the same. His mission has caught on and this powerful and extraordinary idea is catching on and gotten the world's attention. People are differently-abled, not disabled.

Along with his NonProfit, Sam is in college, majoring in media and entrepreneurship. He found his niche and love in podcasting in high school when he joined his high school's media club. Podcasting became his passion and he started his own, Autism Rocks and Rolls. What started out as a hobby soon got the world's attention. Sam now wants to change the perspective of autism, destigmatizing the negativity that often surrounds this type of brain wiring. Sam is using his platform to first and foremost, help those on the spectrum or anyone that feels as though they do not belong because they simply feel "different." Sam wants to reach parents who might be terrified because their child was diagnosed with autism, someone on the spectrum that feels lost, a business owner that wants to bring motivation to his or her company, teachers that want to understand the emotional side of autism for their students, and anyone that needs something to feel good about themselves. Sam tells his story through motivational speaking. He also is building his business by asking more sponsors to jump aboard and offering several services. His favorite pastimes are well, podcasting. He also loves dogs, spending time outdoors, spending time with his family, creative writing, blogging, zip lining, traveling, and watching WWE.

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Episode Summary

Tune in if you're ready to challenge misconceptions, embrace authenticity and gain insights on supporting and understanding those on the autism spectrum.

Key Takeaways:

Sam Mitchell, the host of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls, joined MommaFoxFire for a discussion centered around autism, self-acceptance, and the evolving understanding of mental health conditions. Sam shared his personal journey and insights, emphasizing the importance of embracing one's true self and overcoming societal misconceptions.

Sam, who was diagnosed with autism in late 2021, noted the increasing prevalence of autism diagnoses but refuted claims of overdiagnosis. He attributed the rise in diagnoses to improved awareness, research, and access to mental health care. Sam pointed out that while some may perceive an overemphasis on mental health issues in modern discussions, it’s crucial to recognize that these conditions are becoming more visible and better understood. He argued that the push to acknowledge these conditions is not about overdiagnosis but about breaking down previous stigmas and misconceptions.

The conversation examined the impact of social media in creating supportive communities for individuals with autism and other mental health conditions. Sam highlighted that social media platforms have become crucial for people to connect, share experiences, and find understanding, which was less accessible just a decade ago. He agreed with MommaFoxFire that, while social media has its drawbacks, it has been instrumental in normalizing conversations about mental health and providing a sense of community.

The discussion also touched upon the challenges and benefits of therapy. Sam admitted that traditional therapy didn't always work for him, as it often felt like a repetitive cycle of problem identification without actionable solutions. He expressed a desire for a more hands-on approach in therapy, where therapists would provide specific strategies to try rather than just discussing issues. This perspective reflects the need for personalized and practical therapeutic approaches that cater to individual preferences and needs.

Sam shared personal anecdotes about dealing with judgment and societal expectations, both from his experiences and those of others on the autism spectrum. He emphasized that support should be tailored to individual needs rather than applying broad generalizations. He discussed how societal expectations can sometimes clash with the unique needs and abilities of individuals with autism. He highlighted the importance of setting realistic expectations while still providing support and understanding.

The interview also covered the importance of self-acceptance and the role of self-help in the healing process. Sam conveyed that true change begins with a personal decision to embrace oneself and seek help. He stressed that while therapy and external support are valuable, individuals must first be willing to make decisions and take action toward their own growth and healing.

Sam shared his plans for the future, including a speakers' retreat and participation in the Squared Circle Expo, a wrestling convention where he will also be a vendor. His enthusiasm for these events reflects his commitment to blending his passions with his advocacy work.

Overall, the conversation underscored the need for a more inclusive understanding of autism and mental health, challenging stereotypes and promoting personal growth. Sam Mitchell’s insights and experiences provided a valuable perspective on embracing who you are and fostering a supportive environment for all individuals.