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Stan Popovich (he/him)

Stan joined Momma on June 5, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Fear, Anxiety & His Experience Writing a Book

About Stan

Stan Popovich is the author of the popular managing fear book - A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear. He has over 20 years experience in dealing with fear and anxiety and wrote a book that focuses on everyday techniques a person can use to manage their mental health issues. Stan’s expertise has been featured in the national news media and has been published in various national publications. 

There were many times in Stan's life where he felt like giving up. During these times, his anxieties and fears were so powerful that he had trouble getting through each week. He did not know what to do and where to turn for help. He felt alone and unsure about his future. Although Stan was able to talk to many counselors, some of them were very expensive and he did not have health insurance. In addition, many of the low-cost mental health programs in his area had a waiting list of several months which was very frustrating because he needed help right away. Whenever he did get help, there were many times he had to change counselors due to staff changes which disrupted his progress and recovery. 

As a result, Stan made it a habit to write down every technique he learned in managing his fears and anxieties into a small notebook. He documented all his sessions with various mental health counselors and everything he learned from his 20+ years of personal experiences with fear and anxiety. Over the years his notebook expanded with all kinds of techniques that many people found helpful in managing fear and anxiety. Stan also included interviews from many mental health counselors and personal insights from those who struggle with their mental health on a regular basis. Now, in addition to his book, he has put a lot of free and valuable advice on his website that can help you right now if you are struggling with anxiety, fear or other mental health issues!

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Even Tacos Fall Apart, we welcomed Stan Popovich to talk about Fear, Anxiety & His Experience Writing a Book. Throughout the conversation, Stan shares valuable insights, personal experiences and practical advice related to managing fear, anxiety and the process of writing a book.

The episode begins with Stan highlighting the importance of understanding mental health issues like anxiety and depression. He emphasizes the need for empathy and support, especially when loved ones are struggling with these conditions. Stan suggests accompanying someone to counseling sessions as a way to foster understanding and empathy. Together, we stress that mental health should be viewed as a medical issue, just like physical health problems such as cancer or heart disease.

As the conversation unfolds, Stan provides guidance on accessing affordable mental health care. He recounts his own experiences, including the frustration of changing counselors frequently and facing long waiting lists for hospital programs. Stan advises seeking assistance from primary care physicians to explore low-cost mental health programs and support groups. We also recommend using online resources like therapy finders and therapist directories to find affordable options (check out the Mental Health Resources page if you aren't sure where to start!).

We also discuss the importance of seeking help for mental health challenges, even if it means sharing personal experiences with others. Stan encourages individuals to reach out to their clergy or local church communities, regardless of their religious affiliations, as many of these institutions are eager to provide resources and support.

The conversation shifts to self-help exercises for managing fear and anxiety. Stan emphasizes the effectiveness of deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices. These exercises offer immediate relief and are widely recognized for their therapeutic benefits.

We then switch to chatting about Stan's book-writing journey, and he shares the challenges he faced in refining techniques for managing fear and anxiety. He highlights the difficulty of selecting the right approach when different counselors offer varying advice. Stan acknowledges the importance of persistence in finding a suitable publisher, ultimately emphasizing that writing a book is an opportunity for self-reflection and therapeutic expression.

Stan's insights on prioritizing mental health while pursuing creative goals are particularly valuable. He underscores the need to address anxiety and stress promptly to prevent them from derailing one's creative pursuits.

Throughout the podcast, we both address the misconception that seeking help for mental health issues is a sign of weakness. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, mental health challenges should be treated like any other medical issue. Stan advises individuals to prioritize their well-being and ignore those who might stigmatize or discourage them from seeking help.

In summary, this episode of Even Tacos Fall Apart with Stan Popovich offers a wealth of insights into managing fear, anxiety and the writing process. Stan's personal experiences and practical advice provide valuable resources for those facing similar challenges. The episode encourages open conversations about mental health and emphasizes the importance of seeking help when needed, ultimately offering hope and support to listeners.