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Terry McGuire (she/her)

Terry joined Momma on February 13, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Her Journey with Mental Health & Content Creation

About Terry

Terry McGuire is a former broadcast journalist/news anchor-turned mental health advocate. After her worst-ever depression she asked herself what would have helped her climb out of the pit earlier. Her answer was hearing from other people who also had depression - without having to join a group or actually interact with other people (because that can be hard in depression.) She then figured out a way to provide that to others still in depression's grips. She founded a non-profit corporation, started Giving Voice to Depression, a weekly podcast, created a supportive online community, and created daily online posts offering information and hope. With the help of a small, passionate team, Terry has been doing that since 2017. Just this month, her podcast hit one million plays. 

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