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Valerie Maksym (she/her)

Valerie joined Momma on August 7, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs & Embracing Our Inner Superhero

About Valerie

At the age of 44, Valerie found herself facing the challenges of divorce for the second time and, for the first time in her life, she would be living on her own. The  newfound solitude she experienced became an opportunity for transformation as she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Over the course of seven years, she undertook the process of healing as well as finding her authentic self. 

Valerie is a mother of four and a gigi of two granddaughters. She is an author, life coach and nationally qualified npc fitness competitor. 

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Episode Summary

In this empowering episode, MommaFoxFire engages in a compelling conversation with Valerie Maksym, a life coach and author of a self-help book. The dialogue delves into personal experiences and transformative insights, offering a roadmap to overcome limiting beliefs and tap into one's inner superhero.

Valerie shares her incredible journey of self-discovery. She underscores the pivotal moment when she realized the need to break free from the confinements of her limiting beliefs. Her own experiences in dealing with trauma, heartache and the profound desire for healing resonate deeply with anyone who has faced adversity. Valerie's transparency and willingness to share her path to recovery provide a genuine and relatable touchpoint for listeners.

One of the central themes of the discussion is the significance of authenticity. Valerie firmly believes that breaking free from limiting beliefs is deeply rooted in embracing one's true self. She emphasizes the importance of tearing down the emotional walls we build around our hearts and minds. This process can be gradual, like learning to build a fence you can eventually see through. The key, according to Valerie, is taking baby steps towards authenticity.

To offer a practical strategy for pursuing goals, Valerie introduces her own formula: F + C = M². This simple yet profound equation signifies that Focus plus Consistency equals Motivation and Momentum. She urges folks to identify their goals, narrow them down to specifics, create action plans and, most importantly, stay consistent in executing those plans. Valerie's results speak for themselves, as she has witnessed countless clients make significant progress by concentrating on the process rather than the immediate outcome. It's about sustainable change and continuing to evolve, not achieving a goal and then regressing to the previous state.

The conversation delves into Valerie's family experiences, illustrating how her healing journey influenced her relationships with her children. Her openness about the challenges her children faced, including issues with drugs, jail and alcohol, is both poignant and inspiring. Valerie's approach to family healing involves creating a space where her children can be heard, sharing their unique perspectives on their shared history. Through her actions, she demonstrated her personal growth, and her children were inspired to heal by watching her transform. Their authentic contributions to the podcast shed light on the profound impact her journey had on their lives.

Valerie and MommaFoxFire also discuss the common human experience of imposter syndrome. Valerie acknowledges that imposter syndrome is something many people face, doubting their abilities or feeling inadequate compared to others. She shares her personal method for overcoming this by focusing on her unique gifts and purpose and continuing to educate herself through podcasts and constant learning.

Self-love is a critical component of overcoming limiting beliefs, and Valerie offers valuable advice for encouraging self-compassion and acceptance. She recommends monitoring the way you speak to yourself, replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations. This shift in self-talk can significantly impact one's self-perception and overall well-being.

The discussion concludes with the importance of self-care and the necessity of finding time for reflection and meditation. Valerie shares her journey to understanding meditation, emphasizing its value in achieving a state of clarity and stress relief. Additionally, Valerie notes that sometimes taking time for silence and introspection is a challenging yet necessary endeavor to confront one's thoughts and emotions.

Overall, this podcast episode is an inspiring exploration of self-discovery and personal growth. Valerie's story is one of resilience, transformation and the power of authenticity, motivating listeners to embark on their own journeys towards embracing their inner superheroes and breaking free from limiting beliefs. Whether you are striving to overcome imposter syndrome, seeking to cultivate self-love or simply yearning for practical advice to reach your goals, this episode offers valuable insights and motivation for anyone ready to unlock their full potential.

I AM statements to try (Momma's recommendations):

I AM taking my needs seriously and not feeling guilty about it.

I AM worthy.

I AM grateful for another day to make a positive contribution.

I AM happy.

I AM a money magnet and attract money easily.

I AM a blessing.

I AM beautiful, inside and out.

I AM strong.

I AM grateful for all the new opportunities that come my way.

I AM resilient.

I AM a leader and use my influence to be a light in the world.

I AM compassionate.

I AM making a difference in this world.

I AM capable.

I AM  a force to be reckoned with.

I AM enjoying moving my body in ways that feel good.

I AM breathing in relaxation.

I AM ever expanding my belief of what's possible.

I AM taking time for self-care.

I AM in alignment with my soul purpose.

I AM immensely creative.

I AM feeling better and better every day.

I AM a go-getter.

I AM a perpetual generator of abundance and positive energy.

I AM kind and caring.

I AM so grateful that the universe is always working for my greater good.

I AM full of vitality.

I AM daring to be different and being rewarded for it.

I AM worthy enough to follow my dreams and manifest my desires.

I AM more loving and forgiving every day.

I AM prepared for my wildest dreams to come true.

I AM grateful for my body and every amazing thing it can do.

I AM capable of achieving greatness.

I AM worthy of everything good in life.

I AM grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance that’s on its way.

I AM a magnet for abundance and blessings in all forms.

I AM grateful for the money I have.

I AM doing the best I can.

I AM worthy of financial success.

I AM getting to know myself on deeper levels.

I AM open to receiving more money.

I AM sending love and light to every organ in my body.

I AM feeling healthy and strong today.

I AM open to seeing myself in new ways that serve my highest good.

I AM full of positive loving energy.

I AM ever-evolving and ever-expanding.

I AM grateful for this moment.

I AM free to learn and grow at my own pace.

I AM finding gratitude and joy every day.

I AM introspective and eager to learn more about my own needs.

I AM happy to be alive.

I AM allowing well-being to flow to me now.

​​I AM a friend to my body.

I AM forgiving and releasing all that hurts me.

I AM open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

I AM releasing worrisome thoughts that do not serve me.

I AM vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality.

I AM grateful that my body is capable of healing on its own.

I AM  building my future.

I AM relaxed, centered and refreshed in my present state of mind.

I AM perfect just the way I am.

I AM observing my emotions without getting attached to them.

I AM  playful, fun, and creative.

I AM appreciating my body and all the pleasure it brings me.

I AM a healthy and happy person.