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Veronica (Vee) Sanchez (she/her)

Vee joined Momma on January 8, 2024 live on Twitch to talk about When Talk Therapy Stops Working

About Vee

Vee's own battle with depression, which began at the tender age of 12, took on new dimensions during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the pursuit of finding help, Vee discovered the power of storytelling and the willingness of others to share their stories and expertise. This revelation sparked the creation of a remarkable collective united by the common goal of supporting one another through shared experiences. Vee is a long-standing Mental Health Advocate  through a collective of 16 years in Social Service and Human Resource. Today, she advocates promoting mental health and neurodiversity awareness,  and workplace inclusion. 

Vee is a friendly amateur podcaster and mental health advocate. Inspired by her own journey battling depression since age 12 and amplified by the challenges of COVID, a podcast started: "Maybe This is How It Starts." The podcast is a pilot project born out of the desire to forge a community for individuals in transition, all on a collective journey toward becoming their best selves. Recognizing that traditional talk therapy often falls short, Vee and the podcast aim to capture both conventional and unconventional methods of mental health, coupled with the diverse journeys that lead individuals to these approaches.

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