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Wanda Davis (she/her)

Wanda joined Momma on October 18, 2023 live on Twitch to talk about Asking for Help at All Ages

About Wanda

Wanda Davis, M.Sc.,B.Sc.,B.Ed., helps others discover their gifts and live through their hearts. She is an educator, certified life coach, Gene Keys guide, professional speaker, and best-selling author. Wanda lives in London, Ontario. Her children’s book, From Head to Heart, is really a book for all ages that opens discussions about feelings and encourages people to reach out for the help they need to gain better mental health. Wanda is available for author visits and speaking engagements, both in person and virtually. She specializes in supporting self-motivated women in their personal growth to discover their gifts and reach their potential and improve their mental health in the process. This journey helps them to live through their hearts (and not in their heads) and experience self-love and freedom to be their authentic selves. 

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